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Christoffer Lindhe 


Against all odds, Christoffer Lindhe has turned an unforeseen situation to an advantage. At the age of 17 he woke up in the intensive care unit without legs and with only one arm left. Two years later he proved the impossible, by getting into the Paralympics in Beijing, completing his high school studies and at the same time taking his driving license.

After Beijing, much more has happened. Another Paralympics, lots of inspirational lectures and the foundation of his own prosthetic company, Lindhe Xtend. Christoffer refuses to see something as impossible, some problems only take a little longer to solve. Through his actions, Christoffer wants to prove and inspire others to follow their dreams and not give up just because the problems arise.


Christoffer Lindhe loves to travel. The company has taken him to all different parts of the world, like the US and Africa as well as many parts of Europe. Privately and with the swimming in Paralympics, he has been to Australia, China and Singapore. But a trip in Sweden and Norway can be just as nice as long-distance travelling. In the blog, he shares things to remember from his travels but also tries and picture the challenges of travelling with prosthetics.


Another passion is outdoor living. With the roots in the deep lakes and forests of Sweden, fishing is high on the agenda. A weekend out with the boat in the lake of Åsunden or a trip on the ATV in the forests are tow the best things in life. But also being able to work in the garden with the family in the newly built house in Halmstad is one of the most enjoyable hobbies Christoffer has.


Christoffer Lindhe dreamt early on about building his own business. And with a passion for inventing new products and to find better ways to live your life as an amputee, the natural starting point was to start to build his own business within prosthetics. The company Lindhe Xtend, saw its daylight in 2013 and is today expanding into a global prosthetic company. Christoffer Lindhes focuses today most of his time in developing the companies product portfolio and expansion into new geographical markets. Besides this, Christoffer gives lectures and serves as an inspiration for other amputees.